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Bookmark Killer 1.3

A free application to eliminate all the dead links of your bookmark collection
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Aleksandr Arhipov

Bookmark Killer is a free application designed to help you keep your Internet bookmark collection free of dead links. Restlessly working behind the scenes, it tries to open every link in your bookmark list, and quietly notifies you the results. Then, it is time for you to decide if you want to keep your dead bookmarks or delete them.

Contrary to other bookmark organizers, this tool does not include any cataloguing functionality. Instead of relying on an organized tree of folders and subfolders, each with its neat collection of bookmarks in alphabetical order, Bookmark Killer is built to eliminate all those bookmarks you have not used for months or years and that will no longer take you where they were supposed to. Keeping your bookmarks perfectly organized does help, but it may be completely useless if your favorite links are long dead.

The program can show you the suspicious links either in full mode, providing the name of the bookmark, the URL, etc., or in pocket mode, with just a list of bookmark names.
Then, this “aggressive” tool will only give you three possible options – to delete the useless bookmark, to keep it there for ever (thus cancelling future notifications), or to put it back pending your decision. When in doubt, you can always open the link in your browser directly from here. You can easily configure the amount of information you want to be shown, as well as the number of days the program has to wait until sending you reminders for the links you put back.

Francisco Martínez
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